Message from The White Ones (1 - Introduction)

We are The White Ones. A group of extra-terrestrial beings, as you call us, to answer your collective group call for help in this ascension process you are in on Earth. We also answered to Maya’s request to connect to spiritual, non-physical beings that exist on higher vibrational plane that the Earth and herself currently vibrate on. It is our pleasure to connect with you and share with you our points of view on understanding of Existence or Life, as you call it on Earth.

It is true; the purpose of all existence of planet Earth and her inhabitants is to raise their consciousness as an on-going process. Planet Earth, or Gaia, as we like to call her, was created as a big experiment to observe how beings of different origins can co-exist together, on one Planet. So far we all learned a lot. It is now again a time to step in and help you in ascension. You see, the planet’s consciousness keeps on rising, regardless if it’s inhabitants were in so called deep sleep. It is now time to remember who you really are. You are, in fact, a part of God, Creator, All-that-is. As we all are. We had all been created as an image of him and every one of us takes on a different form and chooses it’s own path. That is true for people on Earth and for us on other planets and realms of existence.

It is our great pleasure that we are able to connect with you. Maya already received answers and explanations to her questions, which she will share with you shortly as we will continue to encourage her to share our messages. She is really quite good in this channelling business J. It is our intention and desire (yes, we have them too, they just vibrate a bit different then yours) that our messages will help you to understand life on Earth from a higher vibration and different point of view.

We realize that life on Earth isn’t easy or fun for all of you. We would like to invite you to start expanding your horizons of your Perspectives and make your life easy, fun and satisfying as it was intended to be for all. There is no need for suffering. It is your choice that rarely brings you the results you desire.

Keep strong in your Light, our friends. Shine on.

- The White Ones