Strengthening the muscle of Being Me.

I has always been funny to me when I got compliant with my life. How I would have everything I wanted (and might don’t even see it) and still not being happy. Or, on the other side of spectrum, I don’t have any of the things, experiences that I wished for, desired for and feel absolutely worthless. Those states of Being were always fascinating to me. When I look around, it amazes me what we ,as a specie, do with this thing called Life. Sometimes it seems like we are wired for screwing ourselves up. But are we really?

As I had been traveling the work, I noticed that everywhere I go, it’s the same. People - amazing, beautiful people - all want the same thing: being Loved for who they are. Having their needs meet. Some of the needs are the same, some aren’t. But one thing keeps showing up: we usually don’t really know who We are.

It seems like we are living the programs of our environment. Family, friends, teachers, media. Our personality is formed by that. What I know for sure is that that is not who we are. Recent studies in psyhology and epi-genetics confirmed that.

We are 99% spirit and only 1% matter. Only our body, our personality is formed in the realm of matter, so we are more that the programs we had been surrounded with. Which also means, if we choose to tap into our true Higher Self, we can surpass this programs.

Which gets us back to where we started. So how we can achieve the level of success that they wanted and still don’t feel satisfied? And why we get stuck in a version of reality that we never really wanted?

We stop living the lie. We start knowing our Selves. What we really are down for? What we care about? What makes us happy, what makes us sad and why? Where are those feelings coming from? Because the life we are living is not OUR Truth. Is the truth of the environment in which we choose to live in.

It’s always funny to me when I realize that all of my struggles come from my personality. It comes from my beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. But what if those beliefs are not even mine, they were picked up along the way? And, most importantly, do they and how they are serving Me? (“Me” being the Soul that came on Earth to experience Life?.) Do I (still) want that in my desired version of Life?

Last few months I am in a constant process of discovering who I am, what I want and how I want my life to look like. Not just discovering, but also re-inventing myself. It is a fun, exiting, imaginative and sometimes painful process. There are people who don’t like my lifestyle, how I am, what I do. That doesn’t bother me. It’s MY life I am living. As long as I am not intentionally hurting anyone, I am doing good. I am doing all the things in the “right” way? No, of course not. But I am learning how to be more of Me, happy, every day. (I actually wrote that about 8 years ago as my intention for my life. It seems like it coming true ;).) And I love the ups and downs, the new and the old, the good and the bad. Because it’s all a process. My process. We came to expand and this is my way of doing that.

Life is about living. Living your own Joy, Happiness, Excitement. Experiences, Love. With no need to justify it to anyone. But first we need to know who We really are.