Q&A with The White Ones: About EMF & 5G

Helen send a great question. She says:

Friend of us and my husband has been fighting last couple of years for people with EMF (electro magnetic field) problems, for example cell towers, cell phone, 5G... My questions is, what would be the issue that will make them win in court and or reduce those field with standard measurement that the human can handle and have no effect on them. Can the white ones give you and answer? Thank you.

They replied:

Greetings, dear ones.
We thank you for your question. We are happy to help.

The topic of 5G is an important one, not just from the point of view of protecting the Earth but more so that the Earth's people coming together and start seeing themselves and other Earthlings as one. Indeed, you are all one. You are living on one planet. Protecting one is protecting many. Understanding that you are all a part of great big web of Life is crucial.
From our point of view this is a topic that you manifested for yourself to learn how to talk to each other, work together, find solutions and compromises. EMF, especially 5G, is creating a serious threat to Life as you know it.

But no worries, dear ones. Your Earth won't die because of it. You just might destroy a vast majority of current Eco system as you know it. Earth will survive and adapt. So will some of the animals. People that vibrate on lower frequency, which are, ironically, a lot of people that are now a part of group of people that are pushing 5G network, will be affected the most.

We would encourage you to use all possible means to rise awareness about this topic among fellow Americans and other people of Earth. But your intention should not be to stop it, but to find a peaceful, cooperative way to work together and find solutions that work for both sides. With clear intention, consistent actions and kind communication you will create a new, better way to improve your Life on Earth.

We wish you bright Path and sending you Love.

The White Ones