Hi. My name is Mateja Maya.

I created this page to share ideas, points of view. You see, I love to write. And lately, looks like it, doing videos too ;). All this content is just me talking about stuff I care about: spiritual ideas, nature, activism. You see, I truly believe that with talking to each other and sharing diffrent points of view we can expand our understanding of ourselves, each other and Life. We can have new adventures as they are part of our reality now. It is our mission, that is the ones that are on Earth now, to experience Life fully and create a better version of reality for our fellow Earthlings, present and future.

My intention is that you find something of value for yourself here. Either answers to your questions or more questions that you can only answer by yourself.

Feel free to explore. The site, Life and Yourself.

This is me. Being grateful, humbled and moved.